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Topic: Giga vs Kontakt

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    Giga vs Kontakt

    Who prefers Kontakt over Gig? Are you leaving Gig and running off with Kontakt? (and taking the record collection with you [img]images/icons/wink.gif[/img] )

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    Re: Giga vs Kontakt

    I don´t own Giga, but seeing how Kontakt´s giga import is less-than-perfect, I don´t see who will want to forget all their expensive Giga libs for kontakt (as good as Kontakt is).

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    Re: Giga vs Kontakt

    My solution is to have one machine for contact and the another machine for Giga. Then I get the best of both worlds.

    Keep in mind that Kontakt needs a powerful machine (P4) to get good polyphony. Giga works great on my PIII machine.

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    Re: Giga vs Kontakt


    I\'ve got serious polyphony limitations with my actual laptop (Toshiba Celeron 800MHz/512MB): I can\'t play more than 20 notes polyphony with Kontakt\'s piano in RAM).

    I\'m planning to buy a new laptop (P4/2GHz) but I\'d like to be sure it will be worth buying it to get better results with Kontakt.

    Any advices/experiences?



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    Re: Giga vs Kontakt

    I for one prefer Kontact over GigaStudio, especially when the disk streaming patch for Kontact is out now.

    I hate the fact that I can\'t apply any plug-ins as real-time effects to GSt. I love mixing my drumset samples with UAD-1\'s Powered Plug-ins in Cubase SX and Kontact.

    Some other things I love in Kontact:

    1. polyphony limitation for each channel.

    2. MIDI channel assignable for each channel.

    3. changing parameters on the fly, like attack and release time. don\'t have to go to GS Edit to save as another Giga instrument.

    Why can\'t I abandon GSt now:

    1. only 50% success importing Giga samples into Kontact.

    2. the disk streaming function in Kontact requires saving samples as Kontact format first, meaning rudundant use of HD space.

    In fact, I prefer the better. So let\'s see how GSt V3 will be like.

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