Hello all,
I'm trying to get my C7 library up & running. I have a Pentium 4, 3.0 GHZ machine with 512 MB RAM. When I load any C7 gsp file I get an error message, "Trouble in RestoreFrameWorkState()during Midi Mixer Restore. Adjusting to correct problem." When I click "ok" the performance loads but no sign of gigapulse impulses. The FX button on the midi mixer page is dimmed & doesn't allow me to select anything. I'm using GS3 Ensemble. When I load GigaPiano II included with Ensemble it loads normally, the fx button is lit & I can access the gigapulse player normally. When I load NDB Pipe Organ Samples included with Ensemble it loads normally & the gigapulse player is available to me. I know I'm supposed to have 1 GB RAM to use the library but I'm not sure my lack of RAM is the problem. I've tried using presets that use a minumum of RAM & presets that use a lot of RAM. I get the same error message & the same result with all the presets. Anyone run into this? Any help would be greatly appreciated.