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Topic: Program Change Problems

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    Re: Program Change Problems

    I\'m planning on using program changes in the same way you do, so I hope there\'s a fix or a workable workaround if this truly happens on all (or many machines).

    I haven\'t noticed this on very limited testing I did a month ago. What I do notice is that when manually dragging instruments into channels, very often the assignment seems not to be working. On screen, the name of the instrument doesn\'t change. This is misleading though, because the instrument actually is getting assigned correctly. It plays correctly, you just can\'t tell that it\'s assigned to the channel.

    By the way, what do you mean by saying that the ports get scrambled? If you were using only one port, would you not see a problem. In my case, I found no problem in changing programs on multiple ports, but again, I only tried it maybe 5 or 10 times.

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    Program Change Problems

    I send program changes to Gigastudio to switch between loaded programs. Most of the time it works just fine.

    HOWEVER, sometimes the ports seem to get scrambled and will not accept or react to program change messages. The fix seems to be to \"toggle\" the channel by manually drag-loading a different patch into the channel. Subsequent program changes work as they should, but the problem recurs frequently.

    Anyone else experiencing this? Anyone know what\'s going on and how to fix it?


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