Four simple questions from a newbie:

I am using Garritan strings in Kontakt full (1.5.3) on a Mac. Could someone please explain to me:

(1) exactly how do I tell Kontakt to use pitchbend (on my keyboard) to control volume (rather than modulation wheel). I understand this involves changing the MOD settings, but exactly how? And which MOD in the rack?
Yes, I have checked this forum, but don't quite understand some of the answers.

(2) Also under 'options' should I check "use std.cc7/cc10 for master volume & pan" or leave it unchecked?

(3) Does the same apply to EastWest QLSO?

(4) when using Kontakt as a VST instrument in Cubase SX3, how come I can't access the parameters by option/click on the Kontakt controls (e.g. to control automation). This works fine in standalone mode.

thanks in advance for anyone taking the time and trouble to answer this.