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Topic: Loops

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    So, I created my first 10 sec loop last night only to realize its really not as easy as making a small wav file and just playing it over and over again. Anyone know a good way to make a believable loop (without the piece sounding like its stopping and starting over again and again)?


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    Re: Loops

    Well. I compose the music so it ends with the begining, or a buidup to the beginning of the track. That way it should happen quite seemlessly.

    Another trick I use it start or end a track with a cymbal crash or timpani crecendo which also works in some cases.

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    Re: Loops

    There are two ways that i use, that basically come down to the same principle:

    1) repeat your block once or twice, then use only the middle of it so you get the reverb or ending of the first block (and thus the end of the block your using).

    2) But i mainly do this: i bounce the loop once, then go to an audio editor, like cooledit. Then i pick a short bit at the end, fade it out if nessicary, cut it and then "mix paste" it, so it blends with the beginning of the loop. If not, you could do the same, but before mix pasting, fade in the beginning for the same amount of time as you did your fade out at the end. Of course this will result in sort of a cross-fade, only the loop crossfades itself.

    A small demo where you can hear it:
    Download it and then loop it.

    Note that converting it to mp3 or ogg causes strange silences, so it doesn't work as well then. But that should be the case with every continious loop then.


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    Re: Loops

    That's ingenius! thanks a lot -- those tips are golden!

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