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Topic: GOS&GS3 Compatible?

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    GOS&GS3 Compatible?

    Has anyone tried running GOS on GS3? If so, have you had any compatibility or functionality issues with either GS3 or GOS?
    I have upgraded to GS3 which I have installed on its own computer. I am hesitant to install GOS because I was told that GOS has not been tested on GS3.
    Has anyone dealt with Maestro Tools on GS3? I installed the original Maestro Tools when I was running Giga 2.5 on the same computer that ran SONAR 2.0. When I received GOS disks 19-20, I attempted to uninstall Maestro according to the directions and install a new version. I was unsuccessful and have been hesitant ever since. Any info on the compatibility of GS3 and GOS would be helpful.
    Since I am blind, I would apppreciate it if anyone responding to this note would copy me directly as I have trouble navigating this forum with my screen reader.

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    Re: GOS&GS3 Compatible?

    Hope you get back here to check the messages, since I don't have email on the computer I'm using now ... yes, GOS works fine in gs3. Maple maestro tools has never uninstalled correctly for me, but deleting a few registry keys works (search for the name "maple" and don't delete a color scheme called maple).

    The maestro tools functionality can be duplicated in midi events with some cut/paste/transpose and controller editing.

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    Re: GOS&GS3 Compatible?

    After messing around with the registry keys, did you ever install the Maestro Tools update on disks 19 and 20? Was it worth doing? Are you running GOS and GS3 on a computer separate from your main sequencer?
    Please let me know.

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    Re: GOS&GS3 Compatible?


    I have the disc 19/20 update, but don't remember if I re-installed maestro from that -- kind of think that I did, and it too did not uninstall correctly. But am not sure now.

    I use GOS and gs3 on a different computer than my sonar sequencer computer now, but for a time they shared the same computer too. So it works both ways. Lately I've been using a string ensemble from GOS in a 1 gigabyte xp computer, with room to spare for other samples too:

    For my 'First Violin Section', on Gigastudio Port 1:
    1st VLn SusV
    1st Vln SusV (double, for double stops and differences in pitch bend)
    1st Vln SusV LEG (release sample stuff added 3 octaves higher by hand)
    1st Vln Grand Detache (up/down alternation added using MW and timbre changes using midi controllers where it seems necessary)
    1st Vln Marcato (Marcato, Sautille, and Spiccato all altered in GS editor to use MW for up/down and a midi controller for dynamics level changes)
    1st Vln Sautille
    1st Vln Tremolo
    2nd Vln Portato
    2nd Vln Spiccato
    1st Vln Pizz Loose

    For my 'Second Violin Section', panned slightly differently, on Gigastudio Port 2 :
    1st Vln SusV
    1st Vln SusV double
    1st Vln SusV LEG
    1st Vln Grand Detache
    1st Vln Marcato
    1st Vln Sautille
    1st Vln Tremolo
    2nd Vln Portato
    2nd Vln Spiccato
    1st Vln Pizz Loose

    For the Viola Section, on GS Port 3:
    Vla SusV
    Vla SusV LEG
    Vla Grand Detache
    Vla Portato
    Vla Spiccato
    Vla Tremolo
    Vla Pizz Loose

    For the 'Cello Section on GS Port 4:
    Cellos SusV
    Cellos Bow Noise
    Cellos SusV LEG
    Cellos Grand Detache
    Cellos Portato
    Cellos Spiccato
    Cellos Pizz Loose
    Cellos Pizz Tight w/Bartok

    For the Double Bass Section on GS Port 5:
    Basses Sus 1
    Basses Sus 2
    Basses Grand Detache
    Basses Staccato
    Basses Pizz

    For each section I also use doubles from the Seidleczek Advanced Orchestra strings (requiring a lot of tuning adjustment, so I'm not really sure it's such a good idea). On a second gigastudio computer I put my VSL solo strings, divided similarly. Don't use any of the 'WARM', 'LITE', or 'ALT' instruments these days, though I've tried them all at one time or another. The 'sul altro corda', 'sordino', 'trills', and 'harmonics' patches are all useful from time to time too, though not currently in my templates.

    Hope this helps!

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    Re: GOS&GS3 Compatible?

    I have far too many questions to ask you in a thread. If you have the opportunity to use a computer that has e-mail capability, please write back to me and I will try to learn more.
    Sadly, I’m not the Giga power user I aught to be. The present situation will certainly cause me to try and change some of that. To give you some perspective, I installed Giga 2.5 on my main studio computer just after Tascam bought Nemesys. I haven’t dealt with installation issues since then. So, I feel as though I’m learning Giga from Scratch just by virtue of installing it on a separate computer and orienting myself to that relationship between Giga and SONAR, as opposed to Giga residing on the same computer.
    My situation is this:
    I have a main studio computer running SONAR 4. I have an 8x8 MIDI interface.
    I have a second identical computer dedicated to Giga. This computer is connected to the main studio computer by means of a WaveCenter PCI card. This GSIF2 compatible card has a breakout cable that allows me two MIDI IN and two MIDI OUT ports. It also has SPDIF and ADAT connections. I have connected MIDI OUT 2 of the 8x8 MIDI interface to one of the MIDI IN jacks on the WaveCenter. I have also run an ADAT cable from ADAT OUT to Bank B of my MOTU 2408. Until now, I have only used Giga on the same computer that ran SONAR. As a result, I was accustomed to using the virtual MIDI ports that were added to SONAR’s MIDI Devices window as a result of installing Giga 2.5. I assume that since there is only one physical connection between my giga computer and MIDI OUT 2 on my 8x8 interface, that I can only use 1 MIDI port and 16 MIDI channels. Is this correct, or are these MIDI ports more virtual than physical?
    I get the sense from the list of instruments and modifications you placed at the bottom of your post that you ARE a power user. Again, I hope you will have the opportunity and the patience to add to my education.
    Thanks again,
    PS. I have taken advantage of the option to be notified of replies to my posts. That's how I'm aware of what you've written so far. My e-mail addres is:

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    Re: GOS&GS3 Compatible?

    Your new questions, Kevin, are more about the specifics of your midi interface, which is different than mine -- so I probably won't be much help.

    On your WaveCenter card, you have two midi inputs, so that is the maximum number of gigastudio ports you'll be able to use without adding either more hardware midi ports or some kind of ethernet midi connection. To use two ports, of course, you will be running two midi cables from one computer to the other; you also configure Gigastudio to accept those two inputs in the system settings screen. You could have the same midi input going to more than one of the gigastudio ports (I think) but that is probably unnecessary: just use two gigastudio ports total unless and until you get more connections. Not sure what the MOTU 2048 is you mention -- possibly it would provide more midi IN ports on the gigastudio computer?

    Then, 6 of the 8 outputs from your sequencer computer then are unused or available for sending midi data to other things.

    And the gigastudio output will go out by an audio (digital or analog) connection back to the sonar computer. Sonar audio is configured to accept whatever that audio channel as an audio IN -- and you can record the gigastudio sound in sonar. Also, you probably should keep the gigastudio 2.5 active on your sonar computer simultaneously -- then you can shift to gigastudio 3 usage via midi more gradually while keeping things familiar on 2.5. At least, that's what I did for several months.

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    Re: GOS&GS3 Compatible?

    Yes, I did discover that my MIDI ports are physical, not virtual. I’ll get around to that soon.
    As far as using Giga 2.5 on my Studio computer, that’s a no-go. For whatever reason, I couldn’t get Giga to run once I upgraded my MOTU 2408. Giga 3 works fine, so I’m committed. I’ve completed my installation of GOS and, as far as I can see, there are no real problems. I haven’t installed the “All Warm” or “Extended Range” options found in update disks 17 and 18 and I haven’t looked at the 19 and 20 updates yet. Also, I haven’t installed any version of Maple or Maestro. More reading to do.
    One thing I noticed is that the violins seem to all stop at C7. I sometimes need notes as high as G7 and I’ve even heard occasional A7s. I once had instructions on how to expand the keyboard in the instrument editor to cover those notes but I’ve forgotten them. Any help would be appreciated.
    Since I’m really inexperienced where Giga is concerned, if you have any suggestions as to anything I should try that would suggest any incompatibilities, let me know. I’ll either charge ahead in my Beta Tester mode, or avoid them like the plague. (grin)
    Thanks for being so helpful.

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    Re: GOS&GS3 Compatible?

    Sounds like you are making progress!

    As to the range, yes the GOS range is too limited. The Detache and some other patches only go to F6 or G, too, and the pizz I think only to C6 for violins.

    YOu can extend the range in gigastudio editor without too much trouble (though it becomes less and less real sounding the more you stretch the notes): edit a program and with the mouse 'stretch' the upper most region (in the top-right quadrant of the editor screen). Be sure you do the same for all velocity layers: select the upper-most region with the mouse so it turns orange, then hold the control key while clicking each of the velocity layers: on my screen, three of them become yellow while the last one clicked is orange. Then drag the upper side of the region border up a few notes. You might need to zoom in a little to grab a single region, using the +/- buttons on the top left line of the region quadrant.

    Then save the instrument, possibly under a different name if you're not sure everything was done exactly right!

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    Re: GOS&GS3 Compatible?

    Thanks for the instructions on expanding the upper range of the instruments. My vision is very very poor, so I'll have to take real care when attempting this. But I'll get to that.
    You mentioned that you didn't recommend using the Alt, Warm and Extended Range instruments a few posts back. I understand avoiding the Warm and ER update, why would you avoid the ALT instruments? Isn't that what Maestro Tools is for?
    Thanks again,

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    Re: GOS&GS3 Compatible?


    My comment about the WARM etc patches was simply that FOR ME they didn't come into use. Was not trying to make a recommendation. The ALT patches are used by the tool (I think) and I replace the tool with midi edits, thus the ALT patches are not used. They have the same samples, exactly, as their similarly named siblings (i think), just a different method of achieving alternation of samples as you would do for up bow and down bow in string writing.

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