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Topic: Crashes when loaded over 50%

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    Crashes when loaded over 50%

    This doesn\'t always happen, but enough (sometimes twice in a 4 hour session) to be a real pain.

    I have:

    P4 1.7 ghz - XP Home
    1 gig ram
    Giga 160
    Gina 24
    Micro Express Midi interface (MOTU)

    The \'blue screen of death\' just appears and of course shuts me down. I have the XP optimized (or so I think)

    There has been some talk of allocating memory. Has anyone else had this problem. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

    My computer (same specs) running SX never crashes.


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    Re: Crashes when loaded over 50%


    I reinstalled Giga and downloaded the new patch 2.53.05 (I think it\'s called). So far no BLUE SCREENS OF DEATH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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