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Topic: I Want RMX BUT ....

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    I Want RMX BUT ....

    I Want RMX BUT ....
    I have Cubase SX3 and I don't want to have my system crash
    or run out of memory!

    System : Pentium 4 /3.20Ghz / 1.00GbRam/ XP home/2-250gb drives/
    Soundcards : Emu 1820m/ Rpc1 / Audigy/

    Does anyone know if Steinberg gave a response yet??

    I would really like to use RMX

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    We have many users running SX3 with RMX successfully...and very few with problems. There are some issues with 3.01 that should be resolved by Steinberg in their next rev. Usually, any problems can be solved by using different drivers or buffer sizes.

    1gb of RAM is OK for RMX, but more is better.

    Hope that helps!


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    Re: I Want RMX BUT ....

    Wow !
    What a quick response, from the man himself..
    That's good enough for me.

    I'll be ordering now....


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