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Topic: New piece - "Tuscany"

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    New piece - "Tuscany"

    Hey guys, its been awhile since I last posted a piece - so here's a recent composition:

    ( http://www.aaronsapp.com/mp3/Tuscany.mp3 ) CaSe-SeNsItIvE

    I'd like to thank Craig Sharmat for performing the guitar part.

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    Re: New piece - "Tuscany"

    Nice stuff! The material stands up well to sparse texture, not needing a wall of sound. As I listened, I was drawn more toward your musical content than the production, performance, and realism of the samples.

    I might have liked to hear the phrasing "breathe" a bit more in sections like 1:01. Probably just a matter of taste.


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    Re: New piece - "Tuscany"

    Yet another side of your music! This is so musical, Aaron. I love it so much!

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    Re: New piece - "Tuscany"

    Very nice Aaron. I really like the development of your theme - very mature my friend. Give us a list of what samples you used.

    Good to hear your work again.

    Rob Elliott Music

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    Re: New piece - "Tuscany"

    Beautiful progressions. Great theme development. Nice guitar phrasing too.

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    Re: New piece - "Tuscany"

    Wow! Excellent composition! Can you tell me what libraries have you used?

    Great stuff Aaron!

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    Great as always!
    What libs?

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    Re: New piece - "Tuscany"

    Thanks for the replies fellas.

    Here's a quick rundown of the libraries:

    Strings: VSL, KH, GOS, QLSO

    Brass: VSL, SI

    Woodwinds: VSL

    Percussion: LOP, QLSO, GTown

    Hope this helps a little bit!

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    Re: New piece - "Tuscany"

    Nice cue Aaron! Intense playing by master Sharmy too.


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    Re: New piece - "Tuscany"

    ... Alone on a lost island... ;-)

    Good job !

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