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Topic: Applying to Computer Game Studios

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    Applying to Computer Game Studios

    Well, after doing some very thorough searching, I've only found one computer game studio that identifies music composers as a source of talent they'll take applications from. Every other studio offers jobs to sound designers, who is responsible for music, but not the composer him/herself. Very odd.

    Anyone have any insight into how to apply to write music for a game studio?
    C. Foster Payne
    Amateur Composer/Orchestrator

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    Re: Applying to Computer Game Studios

    I found out by talking to Blizzard that these companies hire guys freelance. Nine times out of ten I bet they have used the guy before. It won't be easy to get into. They will sometimes go to the piles of demo CDs they are given to find a composer, but that would be a crap shoot. If you are going to send a demo CDs it is best to send a letter of intent first. Tell them you are interested in doing music for them and that you would like to send a demo CD. If they write back and say go ahead it will be far less likely that your CD is tossed without being opened.

    PS... I was surprised you found any companies that hire composers.

    Good luck!
    Jess Hendricks
    DMA Student and Teaching Asst in Music Theory/ Composition at the University of Miami
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    Re: Applying to Computer Game Studios

    Quote Originally Posted by FossMan
    <edit> ...Every other studio offers jobs to sound designers, who is responsible for music, but not the composer him/herself. Very odd.

    Anyone have any insight into how to apply to write music for a game studio?
    It is a must to attend the annual Game Developers Conference (and the E3 Expo, as well). The name of the game is to hobnob and schmooze, talk yourself up, and be a likeable person.

    It does seem to be true (nowadays) that game composers are largely free-lancers. Music and audio personnel who work in-house are, for the most part, music editors, music supervisors, audio editors/designers. I find that sound effects tend to be the largest chore for in-house music/audio talent. And, indeed, most of their musical labor is of technical or coordination variety, where they are the liliaisonetween the free-lance composer and the game designers and/or producers. And, of course, there are a goodly number of free-lance sound effects and foley artists at large, as well.

    There is a tendency to hire 'known' talent these days. That means either of two things: as in Hollywood known, or known simply by personal association.

    The later point is where the two conferences can work for you if you are trying to enter the game composing business.

    Now, when attending the game conference, my advice is that you attend seminars that the actual game producers attend. This gives you greater potential to schmooze with the people that give you work.
    There is a cheaper 'audio pass' for the conference, but you are allowed to attend music and audio seminars only. While meaningful to your game audio education, the only hobnobbing opportunities for you will be with other sound people...largely, your competition! Yes, some are really 'busy' and might like help by ghostwriters, etc, (good luck with that!), but I personally think that the extra expense of the kind of conference ticket that lets you go to any seminar you choose gives you best flexibility at choosing the type of contacts you want to rub elbows with.

    Ok, the reality of that is, if you can afford to attend the conference and buy the larger ticket, you probably are already somewhat successful. Otherwise, your only available choice is to make 'cold calls' and try to get permission to send them materials. Anything is a possibility...so far be it for me, to discourage anyone.

    BTW, you should also join the IGDA as well. I bid you much luck.

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