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Topic: Crash when loading a .gig file

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    Crash when loading a .gig file

    I\'m using W98 SE on an AMD Duron@750 with 256Mb.
    Every time I load a certain .gig file (GOS Cellos) my system crash and displays the famous blue screen.

    Can I fix the file some way?... thanks.

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    Re: Crash when loading a .gig file

    Try reloading the Gig from the original disks. The file may be corrupted. Also, are trying to load the whole Gig or just part of the Gig?

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    Re: Crash when loading a .gig file


    Somebody told me abut this....Just open up the Windows Explorer, go to the Cellos Short Bows (this is the one that crashes, right?), and double click it. THe Giga EDITOR will open the file and it will fix it. More or less...
    But afterwards you\'ll load it into the GigaStudio with no problems.


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