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Topic: workflow on single PC

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    workflow on single PC

    till i get a 2nd PC i am stuck using the record
    function in giga . has anyone figured out how to make it start in the middle of your piece( where your audio event is to begin) instead
    at the start of your piece - i am trying to save a step. takes forever!!

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    Re: workflow on single PC

    You could just move the midi event in the beginning.Record audio with GS and then import audio to right location.This is far from ideal solution,but i have not figured out better so far.

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    Re: workflow on single PC

    Ooops.I really was not clear enough.This method improves your workflow only for those parts that does not start from the beginning.Let,s say you have a piece that is eight minutes long and you have a part that begins in 6.00, by moving this part to the top and record GS audio from there you dont have to wait six minutes GS recording only empty audio to reach that part.Hope this makes any sense.

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    Re: workflow on single PC

    what i have been doing is recording in real time placing the playhead just before a midi event ,
    going to giga start recording then starting the seqencer. stop both after the midi event ends then import and edit. what really sucks is if you have a cresesndo! got to be a faster way
    thanks [img]images/icons/confused.gif[/img]

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