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Topic: In the hands of many

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    Talking In the hands of many

    GPO has given the power of the the orchestra to everybody and I must thank Gary. Unfortunately I have that power now !lol!
    This is my first effort so be gentle, i'm not the most technically gifted musician around and the midi keyboard I have is not very good. Anyway enough excuses down to the music, what do you think ? any advice is welcome.

    Soldiers of fortune

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    Re: In the hands of many

    Quote Originally Posted by bluepasture24
    GPO has given the power of the the orchestra too everybody and i must thank Gary. unfortunatly i have that power now !lol!
    This is my first effort so be gentle, i'm not the most technically gifted musician around and the midi keyboard i have is not very good. Anyway enough excuses down to the music, what do you think ? any advice is welcome.

    Soldiers of fortune
    Very good indeed. Technically no problems whatsoever. Ambience is very clear, recording good, themes simple but very effective. Percussive effects great. Background harmonic canvas layer fine.

    Advice: Your winds never breathe. I'm guilty of this too which is why I picked it up. In the picc tpt at the start and again in the tbn overlay to that section when it is repeated., and the flute part toward the end. It's usually easy to solve by (carefully) inserting breath points and adds to the believability of a simulation.

    Not sure about the flute descant toward the end; there are some notes in the phrases that don't seem to fit the underpinning harmonic scheme, and the descant ends its phrase a little latter than the brass/string canvas. I'd try to recast it so they come together on the cymbal crash at the end.

    Only small points though; superb work. I'm a sucker for the picc tpt :-)


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    Thumbs up Re: In the hands of many

    Hi, Chris --

    Congrats on your first offering. Good start!

    I have a few suggestions as you progress along your composing way: [1] Watch the "parallelism" (lines moving in the same up or down direction -- in general, it's safe only for short phrases); [2] it seems like the piece is pretty much tied to the same key all the way through -- try a few more chord changes here and there; [3] I agree with John H. about the "breathing" -- it's something we forget when playing lines on a keyboard but you almost have to emulate the player and allow for a breath where it's natural; [4] some of the percussion borders on being "over the top" and there's a long section around 2:00 to 3:30 or so that seems stuck in the same 4 bar progression.

    Please don't be offended or disturbed in any fashion about what I *hope* are constructive observations. For your first GPO piece, it's really quite good! (I've long ago buried my first piece, much as Alma Mahler's composition in the flute case!)


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    Re: In the hands of many

    I agree. The overall sound is very pleasing. The blend of instruments is great. The percussion crashes may be a little high, though.
    Thanks for posting.

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    Re: In the hands of many

    Very dark and moody - loved the low brass (was that trombones or horns?)

    The comments about the level of the percussion are right. As the percussion section traditionally sits at the back of the orchestra, you might also want to add extra reverb.

    (The level of the repeated snare drum pattern in the middle felt about right).

    Great first effort!

    As in music - so in life!

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    Talking Re: In the hands of many

    Thank you all for your support and advice, I always have trouble with my winds ! lol (sorry). A new version has been uploaded which will hopefully improve it. I'm not quite sure about the levels, but hopefully someone will point to any wrong volumes excetera. Due to my lack of experience with all this re-editing it might sound worse ! Hopefully not.

    1. I sacked the mutant trumpet player lol ! do these breaths sound natural ?
    2. The level of drums has been toned down(enough,not enough,too much ?)
    3.The flute at the end now ends at the crash and is allso slightly different ,John H was right, so I think it sits slightly better now.
    Please can you explain ''parallelism'' more as i don't quite understand that. The low brass sound you hear is probably the tuba if it starts 2.16 I think, 2.42 is a trombone and 1.55 are the french horns.

    Once again thank you for listening(all the way through aswell !)and for the advice and encouragement. I'm a fan of some of your posts(have not heard many yet) and am extremely impressed(note jealeous)

    p.s who can resist the picc tpt !!!!Soldiers of fortune (improved hopefully)

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    Re: In the hands of many

    I agree with the others blue....really atmospheric!


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    Re: In the hands of many

    Sounds really cool!

    The breathing thing really is a problem, because when I heard it the first time, and I realized the horns were not going to stop, I thought oh no. For a while my train of thought about this piece was all about the horns playing without breathing. This also made it very easy for me to visualize a keyboard being played. These are not good thoughts, and totally took away from the emotion of the piece as it was intended. Blown instruments that don't breath will, (in my opinion) always detract from a piece, not add.
    Beautiful otherwise and this is a very easy thing to fix.

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    Re: In the hands of many

    Man, I LOVE the solo trumpet sound. Is that directly out of GPO? I'm a trumpet player myself and rarely find samples I enjoy. But this was great. . . nice vibrato!
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    Re: In the hands of many

    Hmmm, this makes four demos I couldn't open for one reason or another. A password for one, download a media player for another and what ever for the rest.
    Well, can't judge from listening but the replies seem favorable. Maybe next time.

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