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Topic: Keyswitching Question

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    Keyswitching Question

    *rubs temples*

    Alright, I\'ve been at this for a week and I can\'t figure it out. I know that I *knew* how to make proper keyswitches a few months ago. Now, it seems I\'m not doing something correctly.

    All I want to do iS combine some of my instruments into one gigasample and switch between them. An example is Sam Horns -- I want looped sustain, Staccato 1, Staccato 2, Marcato B, and Glissando A in one file. Even if I just have to settle with a limit of four files in the keyswitching that\'s fine.

    What am I doing wrong? It\'s late and I can\'t figure out why this isn\'t working. I *thought* it was just combine two instruments with using \"Keyboard\" in the drop-down box in the combination window -- am I going about this totally wrong or what?

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    Re: Keyswitching Question

    you have possibly either
    1. not selected all the regions in the instrument before going to change the dimension control to keyboard.
    2. more likely haven\'t clicked the \"apply to all selected regions\" tick box in the dimension page

    3. maybe you don\'t have a keyswitch range selected in \"Instrument Properties\" It quite often defaults to range = C-1 to C-1 giving no keyswitches

    hope this helps


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    Re: Keyswitching Question

    AH! AH! AH! AH! AH! AH! AH!

    I knew there was something I was doing wrong -- thanks mate.

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