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Topic: Since 3.04 Weird quicksound behavior

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    Since 3.04 Weird quicksound behavior

    In the search window I use to be able to just type in the first letter of an instrument and everything that started with that letter showed up in the quicksound search. Now I have to type in the whole name of an instument for those to show up. I use to like to just type in "dr" and instantly get a list of all the drum gigs that I have. Anyone else experiencing this?

    Another weird question. If you type in a word in the search window and hit "enter" it gets put in the drop down list. Does anyone know how to get rid of something you don't want in that list? I can't seem to figure it out.

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    Re: Since 3.04 Weird quicksound behavior

    What I am finding annoying in 3.04 is that I cannot expand the intrument in the loader panel to show the various patches. Under 3.02 for example, if I loaded Old lady,(or Emperor) and clicked on the + sign, I would have several patches to choose from. Now I have to load every patch. Tascam has been unable to provide any solution...they merely suggestrd I rerun Quicksound, which has made no difference.
    Any clues anyone?

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    Re: Since 3.04 Weird quicksound behavior

    For me, 3.04 does the search slightly differently, but still works. If I enter *v*.gig in 3.03 there is a little pop-up message that says '254 files under selected directory', while under 3.04 it first divided the message into three parts: (.GIG nnn files under selected directory and *v nnn files under selected directory and a boolean: .GIG AND *V files under selected directory)

    -- while fiddling with it for this message, I somehow lost the boolean and can't get it back!

    In the gigastudio quicksound settings, there are some options that may have been set wrong for those who don't get instrument expansion: Seach mode and Search properties. In search properties there is a new option in 3.04, called "auto search" -- maybe that setting affects things?

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    Re: Since 3.04 Weird quicksound behavior

    For some strange reason I'm beginning to get the no expansion thing that mal7 is talking about. It sort of comes and goes. Probably something to do with the settings somewhere. Oh well. . .
    And I still really miss the ability to type just one letter in the search window and see all the instruments that start with "S" or any other letter, then when typing the second letter "St" the found instruments are limited to those with "St" like strings etc. Quicksound used to be an amazing tool.

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    Re: Since 3.04 Weird quicksound behavior

    I have found QuickSound in Giga 3 to be very frustrating to work with. Running on an Intel P4 3.2 with (2) Gigs of DDR 400 Ram and a 500 Gig SATA RAID for sample storage, QS frequently hangs for several minutes on folders that contain lots of instrument files (although it does not appear to hang consistently and for the same reasons). It seems very temperamental to me. I never experienced these issues working with the same GS Instruments on my lowly AMD Athlon XP 1.8 GS 2.5 system. I'm going to shoot an e-mail to Tascam Tech Support about this, hopefully if they receive enough complaints they will address the QS issue sooner rather than later.....

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    Re: Since 3.04 Weird quicksound behavior

    Hi guys,
    for those of you having problems to expand gig-files manually to access the single instruments after updating to 3.04, here's the solution: Be sure you have unchecked "Show only instruments that match search" within the Quicksound options tab.


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    Re: Since 3.04 Weird quicksound behavior

    Thank you, theiss --- after fiddling with settings for this thread, i too had lost the ability to expand gigs! And thought it was a new bug.

    One thing that has been irritating me in 3.04 is the 'tool tip' for the quicksound search box stays present constantly, blocking part of the DSP and Midi mixer tabs. And THAT was another setting, "show keyword hit report". Turned off, it goes away (though turned ON, it should act like other tool tips and go away when you are working elsewhere with the mouse cursor).

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    Re: Since 3.04 Weird quicksound behavior

    Hi gugliel,
    Yes - you're right with the hit report box - there seems to be a bug with it.
    Each time I save a performance as "default performance" using the "save as.." dialogue, results in a Hit report box which pops in and stays on screen until I click on it - didn't happen with 3.03....
    I then also unchecked "show hit report" to avoid this behaviour.


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    Re: Since 3.04 Weird quicksound behavior

    On my second PC that is not for audio, GS3 seems to be more stable, but minor functionality issues apper quite often.
    If start I to use QSound intensively, restrictions appear more often.
    Somebody from Tascam read this???


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