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Topic: My labels disappearing??

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    My labels disappearing??

    Could someone tell me why my label names for the \"Mixer Inputs\" in DSP station keep going back to the default \"Multi Instr...\"? It\'s driving me nuts.

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    Re: My labels disappearing??

    One additional tidbit.

    It\'s true enough that, if you assign different instruments to Port1 Ch1 and Port2 Ch1, and then look at the label for Mixer inputs 1 and 2, sure enough, it says Multi-Instrument. The outputs of both Ch1\'s are, by default, going to DSP mixer inputs 1 and 2.

    However, if you then redirect the output of the instrument in Port2 Ch1 to, say, mixer inputs 3 and 4, you get to see the individual instrument names. It does make sense.

    So, looking at it the other way, no matter what port and channel you\'re using, if you assign the output to the same mixer inputs, you get the dreaded \"Multi-instrument\" label.

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    Re: My labels disappearing??

    Actually, the problem is after those things you guys are talking about. For instance I\'ll have several string intruments going to imput 1 and 2 (which will of course now be named \"multi instr..\"), and after I finish making a template, I\'ll double-click on \"multi instr..\" and rename the imput, say...\"Nathan\'s Strings\". After X amount of time, the imput will have gone back to the default, \"multi instr..\".
    I know how GigaStudio names the inputs, my problem is with GigaStudio undoing my relabeling if the imputs.

    Thanks in advance.


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    Re: My labels disappearing??

    Uh oh.... I guess the thanks in advance isn\'t going to me. I believe I\'ve seen the same phenomenon myself, but never forced myself to slog through another difficulty with GS and figure it out. Here\'s hoping that it isn\'t just a bug without a workaround.
    I\'ll be watching this string since I will soon be trying to relabel inputs also.

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