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Topic: Dumb Midi Controller question....

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    Dumb Midi Controller question....

    Hi all, I have a Roland A-37 midi controller. It has a data entry slider that you can assign a CC to. THe only thing is, when I assign CC 11 for expression and record something into my sequencer, it records both CC 11 AND CC7 (Volume)

    Does anyone know why this happens? Is it something I have to turn off in my sequencer to stop receiving this event?

    Sorry for the dumb question.

    Regards, Scott.

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    Re: Dumb Midi Controller question....

    I don\'t know the A-37 specifically, but you probably have data coming out for two channels/splits (or more). Make sure your program is designed to send only on one. You could also check that your sequencer is only set to recognize data from one channel/wire, etc.


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    Re: Dumb Midi Controller question....

    You might consider downloading MidiOx and using it to analyze the midi stream. It\'s free and it\'s a great tool.

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    Re: Dumb Midi Controller question....

    Thanks Guys. I will download MidiOX and have a look at what is travelling around the stream.

    Thanks for your help.


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