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Topic: GOS disk problem

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    GOS disk problem

    I've had the Akai lite version of GOS for a while and every week or so try to figure out how to access the full string orchestra material on disc three.

    But no matter what I try no sampler can see any files (other than the txt files & MP3 demos).

    I have no problems with the first two discs - Kontakt reads everything.

    I know disc 3 is in a slightly different format (why?), but it's just so frustrating.

    I originally posted this in mid-December in the support forum, but it was suggested I post here instead.

    I've also emailed Garritan 3 times. I only got a reply the first time giving a telephone number that I couldn't decipher. Since then my emails have not been answered. Maybe its a Xmas / New Year thing ?

    Can anyone suggest a fix ?

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    Re: GOS disk problem

    Have you tried calling? The phone number is listed on the www.garritan.com website?

    It's possible that you email is being blocked somewhere. With the amount of spam, it's possible that something in your address bar is being blocked by his spam blocker.

    What is the file format of the files on the 3rd disk. What is the file extension?

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    Re: GOS disk problem


    Sometimes email may not get through because of spam filters. We are usually very responsive about this sort of thing. If there is a problem with the sisc we'll send another. You can private message me in this forum with your name and address and the disk you need will be replaced. If you want to PM me your phone number we will call you if you are concerned about the expense.

    Disc 3 is a mixed multimedia CD that included Chicken Sys Translator and that's why it is different. Different software samplers have different conversions. And you can use the included translator to convert it to various formats. Are you using it with an Akai or with a particular software sampler? If the later, you could also contact Garth (who has a forum here) and he can also be of help.

    Gary Garritan

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    Re: GOS disk problem

    Thanks for the pm reply and commitment to fix my problem.

    ( Just for the record, a new disk is in the mail for me now Hopefully that will solve the mystery... )

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