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Topic: Idea for Video-based "Tempo Manager" in Logic

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    Idea for Video-based "Tempo Manager" in Logic

    Tempo Manager for Composing Music to Video

    I got this idea at 5:30 this morning while in that half-asleep mode of daydreaming.

    I was daydreaming about composing for film/video on the Logic DAW setup that I hope to get this year.

    Keep in mind that I have never composed anything to video - the closest I\'ve come is writing original music cues for live theater. That\'s why I\'m posting this message in a place that I hope will generate some feedback from more experienced users.

    This idea was inspired by the screenshots that I\'ve seen of Logic 6 in which you can have still frames from your video running alongside the audio/MIDI data. Here it is in a nutshell:

    The Tempo Manager will calculate the optimum tempo for a piece in order to match the greatest number of scene cuts in a video file. It would also allow for User manipulation of the tempo based upon the video\'s scene cuts. I think this tempo manager would be best utilized primarily with MIDI performance data.

    So here\'s how I think it might work.

    1. The user would import a video file into Logic

    2. Logic\'s time display would then be set up to either match the video file SMPTE time stamping (if any exists) or the video file would simply start at 00:00:00:00 (or any other desired timecode value).

    3. Either automatically (if possible) or manually, the SMPTE timecode values for \"scene cut points\" would be identified (these could be labeled much like ordinary cue points) and displayed along the timeline.

    4. There should be a dialogue box in which the user can define a tolerance range (+/- frames). Tolerances could be able to assigned both globally and individually to scene cuts in order to allow for very specific timing of certain cuts.

    5. Logic would then do the math and calculate and display the following:
    a. the tempo(s) at which the maximum number of scene cuts will fall on a beat.
    b. the beat (or beat division) upon which each scene cut falls (based upon the User defined tolerance).

    6. At any time during the composing process, the user should be able to create a tempo map that is defined by the scene cuts. For example, say that based upon Logic\'s initial analysis of the scene cuts, the user has decided to compose the piece in 4/4 at a temp of 103.5. However at this tempo, a very important scene cut hits on the \"and\" of beat 4, but the user wants it to hit right on the downbeat of the next measure. There should be a mechanism by which the user can force Logic\'s tempo map to slow down in order for this important scene cut to hit the downbeat. Also, the user should be able to manipulate the timeframe over which this tempo decrease is accomplished (gradually vs. abruptly). This feature can be applied multiple times throughout a piece in order to modulate the tempo as desired by the User.

    Anyway, these are just a few tools that I think would be very handy, and perhaps Logic can already do some of this.

    Any thoughts?

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    Re: Idea for Video-based "Tempo Manager" in Logic

    ha!! muto Dp preety much already has what you described- see their on-line tour.
    i to am a logic user. as an editor i think the film stip is a gimmick . it\'s usefull to animators and compositors doing rotoscoping. it a viable viewing option but does\'nt really add anything new. also expect it to be a ram pig.


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