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Topic: Lost NFX2 & NFX3

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    Lost NFX2 & NFX3

    I\'m new here and just getting to a point where I can incorporate giga 96 into my projects. I noticed that NFX2 & 3 are not showing up as available effects (1 & 4 are there). Does anyone know how I can load just those fx without having to do a new install? It\'s all working great except for the lack of fx.

    I\'m using giga 96 v 2.53 on a p3 - 866mhz with 512 ram 2 40gb drives - dedicated machine.


    Neil R

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    Re: Lost NFX2 & NFX3


    You can purchase them here http://www.nemesysmusic.com/
    look products and then acessories, they costs 79 USD each fx.
    So, you get them only with full Gigastudio 160!

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    Re: Lost NFX2 & NFX3

    Thanks for the reply!


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