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Topic: Multiple passes on a sequencer

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    Multiple passes on a sequencer

    So far I\'ve only recorded giga directly to an audio track. I hope to get a nice Logic DAW setup sometime this year, and a question regarding sequencing popped into my head.

    Is it possible to to this:

    1. Record one pass of a sound (cello, for example) into the seqencer paying attention to only the note information.

    2. Playback that initial MIDI recording of the notes while simultaneously recording some cc MIDI information (the Mod wheel contolling crossfaded velocities of the instrument).

    This would allow one to address the pitch and dynamics data on separate passes in order to concentrate fully on each element.

    Is this a standard way of operating in MIDI land?


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    Re: Multiple passes on a sequencer

    Yes, no problem at all, i always work like this...

    1-record midi note performance into logic
    2-record any controller performance into logic
    3-tweak everything like i want it to be using any editor windows inside logic
    4-record audio result into logic
    5-mix & master, etc...

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    Re: Multiple passes on a sequencer

    Thanks for the reply. That sounds exactly like the way I\'d like to be able to do things.

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