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Topic: Error code 60000 MADNESS!!!

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    Error code 60000 MADNESS!!!

    I upgraded to XP Home in the hope of sorting out the \"kernel32\" problems I couldnt fix with 98.

    I have an SoundBlaster Live Audigy card, and it worked fine with 98 but now in XP it tells me it isnt a compatible soundcard!

    I thought I could get the XP patch but I cant register becase a registration.txt wasnt generated for some reason. Therefore, I am seemingly left with a only option of buying another soundcard. I know the Audigy is cr*p but I only have limited funds!

    Whats weird is it worked fine in 98, and on NemeSys\' website they say you can still use a SoundBlaster Live card. So why wont the Audigy work?

    Is there anything I can do short of buying a new card?


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    Re: Error code 60000 MADNESS!!!

    The Sound Blaster cards are not GSIF cards. Since the audio model is different in XP/2000 than Win 98 the SB will not work.

    You will need to either go back to Win 98 or purchase a GSIF sound card. You can find GSIF compatible cards for under $200.

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    Re: Error code 60000 MADNESS!!!

    [img]images/icons/frown.gif[/img] Oh well. Thanks for the info


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