Could anyone offer a good stable VST host/player to run on a PC to play back VSTI and soft synths. I\'m using a G4 Dual 533
w/ DP 3.11 as my main computer and I want to use a PC for all of my VSTI , soft synths Etc. I will run ADAT out of my RME Hammerfall on the PC into my MOTU 2408 on the Mac.I will also run in and out of the midi ports on the Hammerfall (PC) into my MTP AV on the Mac.

I\'ve heard about a VSt host called \"Chainer \"which is supposed to be good. I would rather not use a full app, as I feel I might get better performance with a light VST player instead.

Any advice on this would be greatly appreciated. I\'ve already looked into the
V -Stack but I was told by tech support at Steinberg that it won\'t work with DP.