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Topic: World Junior's Experience

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    World Junior's Experience

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    The World Junior's Hockey Tournament here has been a great, positive experience. Teams from around the world are represented. It has been fun to host people from other nations. Has anyone here ever been to the Olympics or some type of world sporting event? What did you think of it?
    "They get what they vote for." PaulR

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    Re: World Junior's Experience

    Hey Ern,

    Maybe we were at the same event. I saw Zola Budd step on Mary Decker's ankle. She fell right in front of us. Well, thirty rows of people or so in front of us. I had the camera, but I was just stunned to see that happen. It took me a minute or two to think to reach for the shutter.

    To be honest I didn't get that intimate of a feeling at the LA Olympics. It was more of an "event". I have a much more positive experience attending Masters swim meets. The Worlds are in Alberta this summer. I either need to get a lot faster or older to compete there. I swim at World record pace - for the 75-79 year old age range.


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    Re: World Junior's Experience

    Quote Originally Posted by Ernstinen
    Fairhurst's training regimen (Marlboros, Jack Daniels, and bong hits) will soon sweep the nation after his incredible performance."

    I used to smoke, I quit. No problem. I have never tried weed. No problem there. But they lowered the proof on Jack Daniels again. I DO have a problem with that. How sad. Jon is gonna have to drink more of it to reach that world record mark. Good luck Jon!!!
    "They get what they vote for." PaulR

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    Re: World Junior's Experience

    Quote Originally Posted by Danimal
    Jon is gonna have to drink more of it to reach that world record mark.
    I've found that shot glasses are too light for a good workout. A fifth is much better for aerobic training, and a half gallon is perfect for strength. I tend to double up and go the two fisted route to keep the training symmetrical.

    Seriously, our coach says that "you don't have to be faster than the other guys. You just have to out-live 'em."


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    Re: World Junior's Experience

    If you want to join the ranks of pro's....you have to go for the cask strength scotch. (140-160 proof).

    It's whiskey right out of the cask before it's been "proofed" at "all". And it will not only grow whiskers on your balls, you'll have a sudden urge for Bagpipe music.

    If you get some with age on it, it's actually very, very tasty. (but potent)

    There's always the various "martini" drinks. If you do them right (very dry with no "sugar" things in it), it will keep your plugs clean and you wont' have such a horrible hangover.

    But, just remember, if you over do it, there are variations of sickness depending on what you drank. My first observation is, you always make the sound of the liquor you got sick off of. And there are certain symptoms associated with each one.

    for instance, Scotch is quite violent and tends to go in sequence or multiples...SCOOOOTCH. SCOOOOTCH.
    Bourbon has more of the "surprise" element to it..that sort of comes up from no where: BOUrrrrBOn. BOUrrrrrBON.
    Beer has that "gas" release to it, is often under pressure and is also known for it's abiltiy to project several feet in some cases: BuhEHHHHHer. BuhEHHHHer.
    Wine is mostly dry heaves: whhhiIIIIIIIIIInnnnne. WhIIIIIIIIIIIiiine.
    Vodka has 2 parts to it...but is also a combo of a few of the above. It's starts as somewhat a surprise, then gets intially violent..followed by somewhat choking action.: vvvVVOOODDDKHhhAAAAAA.

    But, the "worst" is "tequilla". It has elements of all of the above and people afllicted by tequilla sickness have reported feeling like they had "things" crawling around inside of them (and most recounted a certain scene in the movie "Alien" or certain Aztec rituals) People in this state on tequilla can often speak in tounges.

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