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Topic: Most stable version of Giga for XP/2000

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    Most stable version of Giga for XP/2000

    I see there are currently 3 versions of Giga 2.5 right now for XP/2000. Which version is the most stable and reliable? The new beta?

    My new computer will be ready Saturday with Win 2000 so I\'m just curious.



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    Re: Most stable version of Giga for XP/2000

    I loaded the new beta driver and I have had nothing but problems. Occasionally I will be working on something with several programs open and my computer will randomly reboot.

    When XP restarts it says there was a problem with the GigaStudio driver and asks if I want disable it. The frustrating thing is that I was not even using Giga at the time of the crash.

    I recommend that you avoid the beta until it\'s a release.

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