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Topic: Oink, Oink

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    Oink, Oink

    I wanted to bring up how the new libraries tend to be pretty hungry, and the best ways to deal with that. My recently-slammin rig is now having it\'s own judgement day!
    Sharmy mentioned to me that he is able to load more into the same amount of memory simply by switching his PC\'s to run \'98 unstead of XP.
    Does anybody else have this experience?

    Any tricks to getting more samples into the XP systems?


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    Re: Oink, Oink

    Yep - I resorted to Windows 98se in the end, and I can now load about 30% more than under XP, although CPU usage seems to be slightly higher.

    I have 1gB RAM BTW, which is as much as Gigastudio can use at the moment, so adding more wasn\'t an option.

    Add the following lines to system.ini under [vcache] and it will work:


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    Re: Oink, Oink

    Thanks for the tip. Um....where is this system.ini?

    Did a search, couldn\'t find it.

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    Re: Oink, Oink

    Go to Start>Run...
    and type in System.ini
    should open in notepad

    click save when you\'ve entered the lines

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    Re: Oink, Oink

    Thanks for the help.

    I did that stuff, and it didn\'t lower my memory percentage. [img]images/icons/frown.gif[/img] oh well.

    Thank you for your time and advice. I appriciate it.


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    Re: Oink, Oink

    I had the same problem with XP - I switched from 98 and was shocked at how much less I could load on XP. So, I switched back to 98 SE and it works great. I really only use the machines for Giga so I don\'t care if it\'s the latest and greatest XP or whatever - 98 works great and allows you to load more samples - at least in my experiences...

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    Re: Oink, Oink

    Was thinking about that, but I\'m also concerned about what 3.0 will bring....

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    Re: Oink, Oink


    I should have been clearer...typing those lines won\'t make any difference to the amount of memory available.

    What I meant was, if you switch to 98 in order to get more free memory (which definitely does work), and you have more than 512mB RAM, then you\'ll need to type those lines in, otherwise Windows will crash.

    Hope that makes more sense.

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    Re: Oink, Oink

    oh [img]graemlins/tounge_images/icons/smile.gif[/img]

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