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Topic: GPO upgrade.

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    GPO upgrade.

    I have not downloaded the new GPO upgrade yet, so I've got a couple of questions for those of you who have:

    This upgrade is said to have some new patches(sounds). Now I know, by the size of the upgrade-file, that these new patches does not have anything to do with new samples but rather new programming of the already existing samples. Fair enough, but I would like to know if, for instance, the new "Aggressive violins" overwrites the currently existing "Short bow"-violins??

    I would also like to know what you think about the new upgrade vs the old version. Are the new Aggressive strings any good?

    Is this the first GPO upgrade? If not has there been any upgrade of this scale before?


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    Re: GPO upgrade.


    I'd recommend that you install the update. If you follow the installation procedure, your existing GPO sounds will be stored in a folder as an archive. This allows you to change back to the original programming if you like. The aggressive short bows DO NOT replace the existing shortbows. They're merely added as an additional choice. Same thing the brass aggressive patches, they're in addition to the originals.

    I think the new KS combo string patches alone are enough of a reason to upgrade. I love the new release control that was added also.


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    Re: GPO upgrade.

    Aggressive voices are separate and do not replace the non-aggresive voices.

    This is the first GPO upgrade. It's free. So get it and see if you think the voices are better or worse. You can always restore the original if you don't like the upgrade.

    There is also a technique (someone will step in here and point you to it) for recovering and making available any original voice if for some reason you don't like the new programming on it.

    There is generally quite a bit more control over the voices. The control over the release tail is really nice (the "Length" setting). Also more and better portamento control and programmable vibrato on some of the non-vibrato voices.

    EDIT: I must be getting old and typing too slowly

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    Re: GPO upgrade.

    Good question, GPO is very well thought out.
    When you perform the update, GPO will prompt you to save your existing sounds as a back up. You can easily go between your original sounds and the new update versions.
    I use the updated sounds and like them more than the original sounds. IMHO
    Go for it!

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