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Topic: Medion M3 Composer 5200 with GS3?

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    Medion M3 Composer 5200 with GS3?

    I'm thinking of trying this computer with GS3. Check out the specs here:


    This is some off brand German company, but the specs and price look attractive.

    I would be adding an extra hard drive for samples and more RAM.

    Has anyone tried this computer w/ GS3? Any comments on this as a potential GS3 system? What do I need to know?

    Would 1 GB of RAM be enough? Would a 200GB drive be good for the sample drive? Can I used external FW drives for more sample drives? I'm thinking of a Frontier Design Wavecenter PCI for the soundcard. Good choice for GS3?


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    Re: Medion M3 Composer 5200 with GS3?

    These "medion" PC are considered "bargain" PC's here in Europe,
    they are good value for money, but they make a hell of a noise
    (powersupply ) which is not what you want in the studio.

    They usually are equipped with cheap motherboards also.
    They are fine for surfing & playing games , but for in the studio ,
    it's better to build (or let build) your own with a quality motherboard and ram.

    My 2 cents.


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