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Topic: Anyone using Old Lady with Vsampler3.5?

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    Anyone using Old Lady with Vsampler3.5?

    Hi there and happy Christmas!

    I've just received my old lady, so to speak, and am using it with Vsampler3, importing the Halion version files.
    It seems to work fine, though there are some clicks on the lower 2 octaves - is there a reason for this?
    -it's not a latency/buffer issue, my PC's set up fine (Athlon 2.2gig, 1gig 333DDR, EWS88MT and cubase SX2.22*)

    Also, there were 2 halion files on the DVD - one called 'Old lady' and the other 'main'. Both seem to be the same, unless I've missed something?

    The Halion import tutorial on the vintaudio website doesn't really help as it's not the same to look at..
    Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated! :0)

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    Re: Anyone using Old Lady with Vsampler3.5?

    I had similar click-problems when I imported the giga-version in vsampler.
    (that was before I had GS3).
    I solved the problem by manually changing the start of each sample in vsampler´s "sample-editor-page" from 70 ms to 0 ms. a lot of work, because it´s A LOT of samples, but it worked - no more clicks!

    maybe that helps.

    greetings from germany,

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