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Topic: Best system requirements

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    Best system requirements

    It's obvious I'm new here. I just wanted to know if these system settings are right for gigastudios. I haven't purchased gigastudios yet but I plan on it.

    This is my computer setup. Tell me what I need to upgrade for giga to run properly. Thanks!

    P4 2.1mhz
    1 gig rdam
    500 gigs dedicated
    128 Gforce video card
    Audiophille 24/96k
    Tascam FW1884
    P4 intel board
    2 Firewire cards
    windows xp

    A freind of mine had a faster setup and his gigastudio didn't work properly. I haven't heard from him since. So I came here. Let me know guys. thanks very much.

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    Re: Best system requirements


    Your processor is fine for playing samples, but is a bit slow for GigaPulse. It won't be able to play the fully modeled GigaPiano II without pops.

    You will want at least two hard disk drives: one for the Windows system and one for samples. A third drive for capturing audio is also good.

    For this system you probably want GS Solo or Ensemble. For GS Orchestra, which includes the full version of GigaPulse, you will want a faster processor.

    You will still be able to apply the older NFX reverb with your existing processor. It's a very efficient way to add ambience to your samples.


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    Re: Best system requirements

    thanks Jonfairhurst for the response!`I guess I'll be upgrading the CPU. Thanks.

    What system specs would you recommend? thanks!

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    Cool Re: Best system requirements

    Hi Bluespider

    Go to this link from Tascam. The FAQ's show you the minimal, recommended and Ultimate GS3 systems


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