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Topic: Is M-Audio reloading possible ?

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    Question Is M-Audio reloading possible ?


    Sometimes I loose the connection (means no sounds at all) between my sound card and Giga and must reboot the computer to retrieve the connection.

    Is there a way to unload M-audio and reload it without rebooting ?

    Perhaps by ending the process in the task manager ? If yes which process ?

    Advices are welcome,



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    Re: Is M-Audio reloading possible ?

    I can say on the MAc I have to reboot everytime if the computer loses sight of the M-audio drivers.

    This is the FW 410 I'm using.

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    Lightbulb Re: Is M-Audio reloading possible ?

    PC User: It is rare when it happens, but it happens. Usually if I open the driver app and move the volume sliders, the sound will come back. Try messing with with the app.
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    Re: Is M-Audio reloading possible ?

    Thanks for your paths. Next time I'll experiment with this.


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