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Topic: It's very quite here!

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    It's very quite here!

    So GS is working fine isn'nt it?

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    Re: It's very quite here!

    Okay, I'll make some noise.

    GigaStudio isn't working fine here. Like my friend Alan reported on this forum a few days ago, Giga is not recognizing any patch changes on banks higher than bank 0. Any patch change in bank 0 works fine, but trying to send a patch change in any other bank doesn't work; GigaStudio simply doesn't recognize it. This is with the 3.04 update.

    I haven't seen many reports about this with 3.04, so I'm guessing it's working for some people?

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    Re: It's very quite here!

    Actually, I had great problems with patch changes originally, and changed all my current projects to use multiple tracks per line in order to avoid patch changes. But in 3.04, I just re-tested and the patch changes seem to work perfectly even with different banks.

    My test was pretty simple, but the kind of test that 3.01 would have failed: three eighth notes at moderate tempo: bank 1 instrument 20 then bank 8 instrument 37 then bank 0 instrument 15 -- all received, played, and indicated correctly on the labels. This is using sonar, and sending what sonar calls "Normal" patch changes. It also works with what sonar calls "controller 32" patch changes; it does not work with what sonar calls "controller 0" patch changes. I believe "normal" for sonar is two midi messages, a controller 0 followed by a controller 32.

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    Re: It's very quite here!

    Hi Guglielmo,

    Thanks for your reply. I've run some more tests, and now I believe it's a problem between my sequencer (Digital Performer 4.5 on a Mac) and GigaStudio 3.04 on my PC. I've downloaded the demo of a different sequencer (Metro for Mac OS X) and tried to send a few patch changes to the Giga PC, and everything worked fine. Giga recognized all the patch changes.

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