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Topic: GigaStudio completely unstable on my machine

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    GigaStudio completely unstable on my machine

    Hello Giga Users,

    I have had a machine made for me by a tech to run GigaStudio 96. It is an AMD 1.8 with 1.5 gigs RAM, ASUS motherboard, silent hard drives, and silent fans. I am running Windows 2000 with GigaStudio 2.5. I have a USB Midiman MIDISport interface and an RME Hamerfall card. I am using the Garritan Strings Library, Garritan Harp, Dan Dean winds, SAM timpani etc. It should all be wonderful. Unfortunately I am completely unable to achieve a stable system. I experience the following all the time.

    1) I get crashes both when loading sounds and when I quit GS. In these situation Windows will report that GS has not shut down properly. When I reboot W2000 and GS, the program itself reports that it has not shut down properly and has to run a diagnostic. During the diagnostic it is evident that GS has not booted properly because one of the MIDI ports (there are two) is missing. When I then quit and reboot the two MIDI ports show again and some illusional signs of functionality return.

    2) When I save a GSP file I am unable to reload that file without causing a crash. GS reports problems with the QuickSound database.

    3) A further problem is that GS will frequently report errors while in use and W2000 recommends quitting (error 32 I believe). If I do quit so right away ,the result it a catastrophic crash of both GS and W2000. The screen goes black and the computer shuts off and then reboots. Often I experience loud digital noise through the sound card at the same time, which is understandable considering what is happening.

    4) Another style of crash is that quitting GS at the end of a session will result in an inability on the part of W2000 to shut down the OS. This is followed by the infamous Blue Screen of Death. After that the computer shuts down automatically and reboots itself.

    5) Further quirk is that the screen space of GS will often move and flash randomly in a mild way. This may be a prelude to W2000 reporting errors from the GigaStudio.

    I am certain that these problems add up to the same thing in the end. There is a known problem in the system with the motherboard holding the date and time. Perhaps there is more wrong there. I am also wondering if GigaStudio functions poorly with Windows 2000.

    Does anyone have any suggestions?


    Paul Nicholls

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    Re: GigaStudio completely unstable on my machine


    WHICH Asus MB do you have? Why AMD over Intel? Why Win2k over Win98SE or WinXP? At this time, I can not recommend the Midiman midi interface for Giga... in my tests, it was nothing but problems. I also have never cared for Giga on Win2K, it\'s solid on WinXP with the right components. The RME certainly is fine....

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    Re: GigaStudio completely unstable on my machine

    Hi Paul, a couple of things I can think of straight away;

    How old is your motherboard? You may need to visit he manufacturers website and get the latest BIOS. Some of the older AMD compliant boards, epsecially with a VIA chipset, had problems.

    Also, have you downloaded any Service Packs for WIN2K? I cant remember of they are up to SP2 or 3 but a few of the bug fixes related to audio.

    Also, check if you O.S. is set to run in ACPI mode. From memory Windows XP does it automatically but 2K may need to be set manually. THe ACPI mode is the new way for windows to handle all the various IRQ settings and is much better than the old method.

    As you may already know, each card plugged into your system (video, sound, network, etc) occupies it\'s own IRQ. If your sound card is sharing the same IRQ as another device you will get crashes. To check if your machine is in ACPI mode, go; Start> settings> control panel, system> hardware> device manager. Open up \"Computer\" right at the top and see what it says.

    Also, whilst in this screen open up the sound, video and game controllers menu right-click and go properties and choose the resources tab. See if any conflicts are being reported.

    These would be the biggies to check for first.

    If that all fails let me know and we could look at the event log.

    I only suggest the other methods first as these are things that should be done as a matter of course.

    Hope this helps,


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