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Topic: Audiophile USB & Gigastudio

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    Audiophile USB & Gigastudio


    I just bought an audiophile USB, and am trying to get it to work with Gigastudio. I get the 'no GSIF devices detected error' however Anyone know if the Audiophile USB is Gigastudio compatible? Or maybe there is a way to get it to work?

    I hope I don't have to return the thing, it seems to be working well for other things...

    Thanks in advance for any help!

    - svf

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    Re: Audiophile USB & Gigastudio

    Do you have the latest drivers. I recently read a post in the hardware forum that even the M-Audio Revolution supports GSIF now. I'd be surprised if the latest drivers for the AP USB didn't support it.


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    Re: Audiophile USB & Gigastudio

    I just checked the compatiblity list at tascamgiga.com and it shows the Audiophile 24/96 as a GSIF-1 compatible unit. It doesn't list the Audiophile USB version of the 24/96 (which is what I also have). I'm chiming in on this because I am upgrading my studio and want GigaStudio 3 and am checking on all compatibility issues before sinking a couple of grand into the GS3 and the various libraries I want.

    If you just purchased the AP-USB it should have the latest drivers. I checked M-Audio.com and their last driver update was June 2003.

    Perhaps a call (or email) to M-Audio might be necessary in this case.

    Hope that helps!

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