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Topic: Conexant Wavestream Error: Fix

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    Conexant Wavestream Error: Fix

    While working on a client\'s new Truespec Giga system, we encountered this error and spent 4 manhours working it throughon Windows XP, including searching the registry for info.

    Simply put, the CWS error comes about because you\'ve launched GS before the drivers have finished loading.

    Once the desktop loads, wait about a minute, maybe two (depending on your system). Then launch Giga. It should be OK.

    The problem is this: once the desktop loads, some of the drivers behind it are still loading. Some programs like Microsoft Office and others, let you launch immediately. But a more complex program like Giga just needs more time.

    So the fix IS: Two (2) minutes of patience before launching.

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    Re: Conexant Wavestream Error: Fix

    Hey Peter,

    Gawd, I wish this was true. But certainly not in my case. I still think there is an anomaly with using a USB interface (Midimans USB 4x4 midisport in particular) when using GS.
    I haven\'t tried the latest update, and from what I\'ve heard, it happens less but it still does.
    I use Maestrotools as an inbetween tool and haven\'t had a single wavestream error since.
    But if I switch GS back to the Midiman driver....boom..within minutes.

    Here\'s hoping that GS3 (if it ever comes out) will finally fix this.



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    Re: Conexant Wavestream Error: Fix


    Same here. Not had a single Conexant error since inserting Maestro Tools and/or Yellow Tools Keyswitch between my Midiman USB interfaces and GS. I sometimes used to get the Conexant error just after the PC booted and before Giga was even launched!

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    Re: Conexant Wavestream Error: Fix

    We don\'t use USB on our TrueSpec systems.

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