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Topic: Oops sorry mistake...

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    Oops sorry mistake...

    Thanks, Scott.

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    Re: Oops sorry mistake...

    Hi Scott,

    I can only speak about DR2 as i got that alongside Metamorposis. Both are really good for many things...DR2 has lots of sweeping pads and ambiant sounds, as well as some nice loops for percussion. I have heard a lot of DR1 and to be honest you wont go wrong buying either. DR1 apparently was made with a lot of analog synths so has quite warm pads and ambience to it....DR2 was created with some analog but more of the soft synths of today...So has a sort of crispness about it...I listened to the demo\'s of the Spectrasonics website for a long time and to be honest i purchased DR2 because i needed a warped bell sound for a game... If i lost them i would buy DR2 again and will be getting DR1 when i get around to it.

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