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Topic: Sibelius Users

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    Sibelius Users

    I will be using Gigastudio 3 with Sibelius 2, and eventually Sibelius 3 very soon.
    1. I am wondering if anybody else is using Giga samples for orchestras or organs while composing with Sibelius, and if they have any tips, suggestions, etc.
    2. Also, does anybody know if the sound card quality is going to affect the way these programs interact? I will not be doing any recording, so what should my concerns be in buying a new soundcard if I'm just going to be taking the compositions from Sibelius to Gigastudio, and possibly burning some CD's of the actual music? Will the quality of the soundcard affect the end result of that burned CD, etc.? Thanks in advance.
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    Re: Sibelius Users

    I've been using Sibelius 3 with Gigastudio with mixed results. I originally intended to use the play back dictionary in Sibelius to control playing technique. This has the significant advantage of allowing the playback score to be the same as the published score. That would be achieved by defining staff text in the dictionary to select the correct samples in Gigastudio. For example, I would load all the required articulations for each instrument into a Gigastudio channel (each articulation using a different MIDI instrument number) and then define text in the dictionary (eg pfp) to send the required program change to the midi channel. For this technique to work you need to get Sibelius to only send the instrument number not the bank numbers as well, otherwise you have to define "pfp violin", "pfp viola" etc, since you have to load your different instruments on different bank numbers in GS3. Sibelius lets you define a negative bank id for the text, which I assumed meant it would use the current bank id or would not send the bank id. I have not been able to find any detailed info on the use of bank and instrument numbers in this dictionary, so I maybe using them all wrong, but I certainly had difficulty getting Sibelius to send the required program changes. Of course you can use MIDI commands in your score to do the program changes and that will work, but these commands are not as intuitive as using normal staff text.

    In addition, there was a known problem in Gigastudio 3 where it didn't honour program changes under certain circumstances. These problems made the whole method impossible to implement, so I'm currently using keyswitches to change articulations, and using multiple MIDI channels for each instrument.

    As for sound card, I think any sound card that has a GSIF2 driver should be fine for what you intend to do. I use the M-Audio 2496 Audiophile, and that works fine for me. This is probably the cheapest card with a GSIF2 driver, so there may be better cards out there.

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