Merry Christmas everyone (who celebrates).

I recently discovered that GS3 (Orchestra) has a severe bug with naming inputs in the mixer. Sometimes, the mixer doesn't respond to the names and sometimes it will only respond to them when the mixer pane is expanded. In a save of a complete GSP file, I found that I the "names" are completely forgotten! Then, I saved another GSP file and it remembered them. There appears to be a bad bug in this.

Frankly, the way users of GS3 are being pushed around is pretty disgusting. Tascam aught to be ashamed. We're being treated like we're BETA TESTERS - which is absurd for customers who spend $500 for a piece of software. These SIMPLE issues that they are just discovering make it look like we're getting the first draft of this software. Why did they release it if it wasn't ready? These bugs with iMIDI, memory allocation, crashes for some, audio cards, limited system memory, REWIRE still not functioning propery for anyone because of missing ports and improper bouncing - these are all very simple things that Tascam should have discussed and corrected before a public release of the software. On top of it, the tech support PERSON knows nothing what to do with these complex problems. This is very bad situation. For now, though, all I want for Chrismas is my track name save.

Anyone else discover this problem yet?