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Topic: Im not a Gigastudio user...dont kill me!!!

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    Im not a Gigastudio user...dont kill me!!!

    Sorry for posting here guys,but I see this is quite an active forum and here posts many experienced people, so I could really take some help from all of you. Please, as its my first post bear a bit with me if Im somewhat long-winded.

    Im giving my first steps into \"virtual\" orchestral arrangements, and I see there are things I need to learn yet.
    I wrote a little baroque theme for strings, so I could start practising with it, instead of using a full-blown orchestra from the beginning.
    Although Im not precisely a kid (26), I dont have many musical theory knowledge, but I have a lot of respect for orchestral music, so I slowly started to study harmony, and would like next to clobber counterpoint and orchestration when I feel prepared enough. In fact this exercise I wrote was also intended for using recently-learnt harmony concepts.

    Please,could you give me your opinion on it? Im not specially interested in musical technique comments because this isnt a serious attempt but more of a little exercise with lots of clichs. In fact I avoided any \"interesting\" paths if they werent sounding VERY baroque as I wanted to keep my objectives straight (good for learning, bad for writing [img]images/icons/smile.gif[/img] )
    What Im really interested in, is in knowing what are my main \"sampling flaws\" and how to fix them if possible.

    Here is the link Baroque Theme (2megs)
    I do know I committed one of the typical post mistakes of newbies which is adding too much reverb. (To worsen things its a \"cheapo\" standard Cubase reverb, nothing fancy *shrugh*) I coulndt refrain from it.
    I tried panning like a real orchestra would be placed, but I just \"earballed\" it [img]images/icons/smile.gif[/img]

    Currently I can`t afford VSL or Garritan, so I will have to micro-edit to my best effort. Thus I would like to know how is the \"traditional\" way to fake legato playing? Could you explain the procedure in a MIDI sequencer like the one in Cubase?(or the one you prefer)

    Thanks people. Im expecting your suggestions and tips. Oh! and glad to be at this board (first post) [img]images/icons/cool.gif[/img]
    Thanks for reading this far.

    EDIT: I jsut realized this might have to be placed in the MP3 Upload area...Mods, move the post at your discretion.

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    Re: Im not a Gigastudio user...dont kill me!!!

    I admit I was expecting at least one reply...

    ...come on, if you think its bad just tell me why. I can live with that (as I told before, it was just a little exercise).

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    Re: Im not a Gigastudio user...dont kill me!!!


    You should post this message in the part of this Forum called \"Sample Libraries Discussion\". This section is for specific problems using the GigaStudio software. I am sure you will get more of a response then.


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    Re: Im not a Gigastudio user...dont kill me!!!

    thanks, Ill try.

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