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Topic: Unfinished "If I Only Had A Heart"

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    Mar 2004
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    Unfinished "If I Only Had A Heart"

    Here is The Tin Man's song from the Wizard of OZ I started working on two days ago. I would like some insight on balance of instruments and any other straight shooting suggestions and advice in mixing. Oh, shoot! Just listen and tear the dang thing apart and give me a good run for the money!


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    Re: Unfinished "If I Only Had A Heart"

    Holy crap Styxx!
    Don't change a thing, very cool, I am so proud of you!

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    Re: Unfinished "If I Only Had A Heart"

    Davvero carino! ("Pretty nice!"), and very realistic rendition.
    Bene, bravo, bis!


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    Re: Unfinished "If I Only Had A Heart"

    Good work, Mikey! Your intro reminded me of a slowed-down "Surrey With A Fringe On Top" from the musical and movie, "Oklahoma". It had the same, basic feel. "Chicks and geese and ducks better scurry. When I take you out in my surry. When I take you out in my surry with the fringe (boink, boink) on top."

    You have produced a very realistic sound. I am still striving for that and find it very difficult to do. Can you give me some lessons.

    Merry Christmas to you and your family and I hope that you have a wonderful 2005!

    Larry A.

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    Re: Unfinished "If I Only Had A Heart"

    Mike, this is about the most realistic rendition I have heard out of GPO....superbly done!! You are definitely becoming one of the stars of GPO with your mastery of it....I'm very impressed indeed.

    I had the occasion to visit your website to hear your friend's country piece, which I would like to comment on when I get the time. I re-listened to your other, earlier, pieces which are also outstanding.. At the risk of sounding like a 'Eulogy for Styxx' I was also impressed with your web site design.......What do you do in your spare time?

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    Thumbs up Re: Unfinished "If I Only Had A Heart"

    Hehehe... this is so you my friend. Very funny piece, in a good way! And I'm sure it's suites its purpose very well.

    The production and the mix was very good!

    Thanks for sharing Styxx!

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    Re: Unfinished "If I Only Had A Heart"

    Fantastic! I agree with Falcon1, this just expresses your personality and (literally) offbeat humor so perfectly. I love it where it seems to end then starts up again; I just about fell out of my chair! I was thinking you might try adding some contrabass clarinet to the clarinet offbeats. Well done!

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    Re: Unfinished "If I Only Had A Heart"

    This is a treasure for sure! It cheered me right up since its been a pretty crummy Christmas so far. The only thing that I feel could be improved would be the string lines starting at (approx.) 55 seconds in. Other than that its perfect.

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    Re: Unfinished "If I Only Had A Heart"

    Very very realistic. All GPO??

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    Davenport, IA (US)

    Re: Unfinished "If I Only Had A Heart"

    Oh so classic...

    Awesome rendition! Why dont you just sing over it so its complete?

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