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Topic: New Libraries, Which Format Most Versatile?

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    New Libraries, Which Format Most Versatile?

    I've got Kontakt, and am also in the process of upgrading to GS3(PC). On the mac side, I have EXS24.

    If I order new libraries today, which format would be superior in terms of quality and 'translatability' between these platforms? For example, is a Kontakt library now 100% 'plug and play' in the new GS3? Vice versa?

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    Re: New Libraries, Which Format Most Versatile?

    You're probably better off with GS3 versions right now. This would allow you to take advantage of any embedded GigaPulse information and the Giga format translates nicely to most other samplers. Of course, I reserve the right to have a different opinion after Kontakt 2 comes out.


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    Re: New Libraries, Which Format Most Versatile?

    If you want the easiest cross-platform compatibility, I'd say you want to choose a format that operates on both platforms!

    Translating libraries isn't impossible, but it's easier if you don't have to do it.

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    Re: New Libraries, Which Format Most Versatile?

    I would think that GS3 is indeed the most "capable" format right now. However I don't see a lot of developers jumping on that bandwagon so it really comes down to what format the product is offered in.

    You can pretty much count on anything from East West, Quantum Leap, Zero-G, Yellow Tools to come out as a self contained Kompakt instrument.

    Looks like anything new from Spectrasonics will be out on their engine as well.

    So aside from some of the piano guys and some of the single instruments, your choices are pretty small. It appears to me that VSL is moving towards the Kompakt thing as well (I have to believe that by now they are seriously considering the option). At this stage VSL is still in GS2 format but it's quite possible that they will announce an updated 24 bit GS3 format at NAMM.
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    Re: New Libraries, Which Format Most Versatile?

    GS2 libs are probably the most portable. They work smoothly in GS3, and I've read about many successful migrations of GS2 libs to other platforms. I can't say that I've heard of many people converting Kontakt or Halion libs to Giga. It's usually Akai, Roland or Soundfonts being translated to Giga.


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