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Topic: Using GPO in Smooth Jazz track!!

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    Using GPO in Smooth Jazz track!!

    Hey gang! Long time no post...I know...

    I recently purchased the Roland (Edirol) Super Quartet (Piano, Bass, Guitar, Drums) for use in the tracks I'm working on for "Palouse" which will be a smooth jazz (piano heavy) CD.

    Anyhoo...tonight I was finishing up "B-Street Blues" and I needed two things to really put the icing on the cake so to speak. I needed a nice string patch for walking down a particular chord progression and then I also needed a solo instrument to do some melody work and then a solo line right before fading out the song.

    It's at: http://www.kevinselby.com/musicfiles...StreetDemo.mp3

    I ended up using two GPO instruments:

    1. Full Strgs KS Combo (using the C# keyswitch, whatever that one is).
    2. Flute Solo V

    The strings come in around 1:36 and are simply ONE note walked down and then back up. TOO cool!

    The flute comes in around 2:50.

    Both of them were dumped through the Lexicon Pantheon reverb (bundled with Cakewalk Sonar 3.1.1) using a small room.

    Oh yeah, the rest of the tracks (Drums, Percussion, Bass, Piano, Rhodes E-Piano, Jazz Guitar) are the Super Quartet and finally, there's a single Shaker loop that I got from SmartLoops and a Neighborhood Ambience soundfont I used for the street sounds.

    Let me know what ya think. I'm sure someone will whine about the congas added at the flute solo, and I might lose those as they detract a bit from the gorgeous GPO flute...so hang in there.

    Not that I would EVER start a flame war, but I sure would love to hear a GPO jazz guitar, a GPO trap set, oh...perhaps a GPO jazz flute...ahem....I'll hush up now...


    Listened to it one more time and realized that I forgot to put in the vocalizations I had planned and I was also going to mess around with some vocoding (because I simply HAVE to fit some vocoder in on Palouse...I gotta gotta gotta...).

    There's a few snares missing and I could tighten up some timing here and there, but overall I'm pretty jacked at how "Palouse" is shaping up...should be a pretty cool album (one that I've wanted to do and have had in the back of my mind for years and years).

    Okay...off to bed. Some of our best work is done AFTER midnight...right??!!
    Kevin B. Selby
    http://kevinselby.com <-- Public site
    http://kevinselby.com/gpo <--My music catalog FREE to GPO users: username: gpo - pword: garritan

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    Re: Using GPO in Smooth Jazz track!!

    Very nice, Kevin! It really moves!

    You have a really good feel for music like this. Being a jazz-head myself, I enjoyed it very much.

    Keep up the fine work.

    My best,

    Larry A.

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    Re: Using GPO in Smooth Jazz track!!

    Smooth... Nice melody and percussion

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