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Topic: Can't update to Giga 2.5

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    Can\'t update to Giga 2.5

    When I go to the nemesys site to update to the latest version of Giga (2.5 i believe), after I put in my serial number and registration code, it takes me to the update page, but it is only for Giga 96.
    I had Giga 96, but upgraded to 160 a year ago or so, and tried the new CD key on the Giga 160 update CD, but the registration code did not match or something.
    Anyone have a clue how I can download the latest version of Giga 160 for Win 2000?
    Better yet, is their a number I can call to speak with Tascams Nemesys support about this?
    I am putting a new computer together with Win 2000 and need to get this latest update to run Giga properly.

    Thanks a bunch,


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