Hello! I am a GPO newbie. So new that I can't install the program. The following is an e-mail that I sent to NI (no reply).

I am having problems with installing GPO on my Apple G5 2.5.
Problem #1
After doing recommended install I have found that when starting the program I get an error....."could not open the content file. Should be located at: Drive 1/applications/GPO Library/GPO Library part1.nks. Would you like to select a different directory now. I am unable to find the correct directory! Kontact still boots up but crashes after trying to use it.

Problem #2 After not finding GPO within Digital Performer 4.12 I discovered that I needed to Authorize. My G5 is not online but my other P.C is, so upon trying to register by saving the register form to a removable device I get another error. It reads: Unable to open drive 1/applications/drive 1html-o1p.html for reading"

I have not seen anything on the forum like this. Any help would greatly be appreciated! Happy holidays! J.