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Topic: Is your latency too high?

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    Is your latency too high?

    I built my Giga system (PIII800, Asus Cusl2, 512M RAM, RME DIGI96, Win98SE, 2 fast Hd\'s and all that stuff) a while back and everything worked OK except the latency which was about 20-22mS. I wasn\'t happy but ignored it as I was busy and just pulled stuff back in the sequencer.
    The other day, I decieded to try and sort this out. I spent two days reading this forum, the tascam one and any tweaking sites I could find, I tried all sorts of stuff but the latency stayed the same. I had pretty much decided that it must be the USB midi i/f (they\'re all **** right?)
    But before I went to buy a new one, I decided to download Kontakt and try it. (It\'s OK, this won\'t turn into a Giga vs Kontakt thing)
    Kontakt instantly gave 10mS, maybe not the best but much better than 20mS. As this improved latency was using the same PC, audio and midi hardware, the problem had to be Giga.
    So I went back and checked all the Giga stuff again. I realsised stupid as it sounds, the only thing I hadn\'t changed was the word depth in Giga (which was set to 16bit) I changed it to 24Bit and Giga latency was 9mS !!!!!!! [img]images/icons/smile.gif[/img]
    This makes no sense to me but it works, maybe it\'ll save somebody a couple of days of redundant tweaks?


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    Re: Is your latency too high?

    Thanks Brian,

    This is the reason I love this forum. Everyone is willing to share their helpful insights even without being asked.


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