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Topic: Word clock mystery

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    Word clock mystery

    I've got a problem that is driving me crazy. I am using a 2408 (first model)
    connected to a Lucid gen6 wordclock. Computer uses Asus p4p 800
    P4 3.0. The issue is when I have the 2408 synced to word clock I get a
    periodic signal distortion that happens every 12 seconds. ( I timed it)
    The sound is somewhat of a buzz with the harmonic content of whatever
    sound I am playing. It is very short and goes from left stereo side to right.
    It does not happen with the 2408 using internal sync. Something is disrupting
    the word sync. I have eliminated everything except something the computer
    might be doing to interrupt the word clock signal. Any pc gurus have any
    idea what the heck this is? (motu doesn't)


    Steve Fawcett

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    Re: Word clock mystery

    I forgot to add that I am using XP with all of the recommended tweaks.

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    Smile Re: Word clock mystery

    hi - i have a 2408 mk2 and i am aware of this problem - both the 2408 mk 1 and 2 have a hardware fault which means they are very tempramental at best or do not work when clocking to external wordclock via the bnc connector. I researched this when buying my 2408. most people do not find this much of an issue as the 2408 is normally used just for its 24 ADAT channels and the 2408 is clocked off another device by the ADAT sync. for example my SONY DMX R-100 mixer is w/clock master but instead of taking wordclock bnc out of the desk into wordclock in of the 2408 i just set the 2408 to clock of one of the 3 banks of ADAT i have connecting the two devices together. It works flawlessly this way, but i understand that you have a house clock which sends out on bnc's which means this is not possible, unless you have a device which has wordclock in and adat out that you could use to link w/clock.

    if anyone knows better or if there are solutions - let me know!!

    ed white


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    Re: Word clock mystery

    Thanks Ed,
    I finally just ordered the 424 card which does not have the word clock

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