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Topic: Which sequencer for Giga

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    Which sequencer for Giga

    Hi Everybody. I have just joined the forum after listening to some of the fantastic demos on the site.
    I have been interested in making music for several years (mostly loop based dance stuff with Sonic Foundry\'s ACID) and have recently thought about making some classical/film score type tunes.
    Like I said I have been blown away by some of your demos and would be very interested to know what sequencers you use/favour when making this kind of music, also what version of Giga should I go for (all I can seem to find in the UK are the Gigastudio range, have they stopped selling the sampler on it\'s own?). In fact any help and information you could give me regarding getting started with Gigasampler would be greatly appreciated

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    Re: Which sequencer for Giga

    I use Gigastudio 96 - which you should go for if you cant afford 160 because you WILL run out of voices and 96 just about handles it. (try: www.timespace.com ) Also, Gigastudio is also basically a gigasampler upgrade and its a LOT better than Gigasampler (I\'ve used both I but upgraded). Also, I know Giga 3 will be amazing, or at least very damn good [img]images/icons/wink.gif[/img] so I will be upgrading as soon as it comes out.

    Personally I use Cubase VST as a sequencer beucase Logic seems too difficult to learn how to use to its full potential - and im somewhat lazy [img]images/icons/wink.gif[/img] but from what I have seen if you have the time to figure it out Logic is a lot better. - just my humble opinion from a lowley student of course.


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    Re: Which sequencer for Giga

    Keep in mind however, that Logic is now Mac only. You sound like a PC buy. If this is the case Cubase or Sonar are probably the best route.

    Personally, I use Cubase but after reading about some of the new features, I\'ve been thinking about trying Logic 6.

    Any decent music store should let you play around for a little while to see which you prefer.

    Hope this helps,
    Ben Ripley

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    Re: Which sequencer for Giga

    Absolutely Sonar!

    I have checked all of these big three; Cubase, Logic., Cakewalk
    I have found that Sonar is the best choice for Giga, like a marriage
    made in heaven, it works unbelievably well. Of course, smaller or
    older brothers like Home Studio 2002 and Pro Audio 9 should also
    work well.

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    Re: Which sequencer for Giga

    I use Logic Audio Platinum 5.5.0 and GS160 on the same machine. If possible, get GS160 - it\'s very easy to run out of polyphony if you are intent on running many parts in real time with the newer advanced sample libraries. One PC is sufficient to get started, but to do more ambitious projects multiple Gigastudio PCs are helpful, depending on your expectations for realtime workflow. You can\'t run a serious, heavily layered, large-scale sampled orchestra all in one go on one PC. You have to do it in pieces and it is possible but tedious to get a preview of the big picture. (One way of looking at it is Giga as the software core of a do-it-yourself hardware sampler kit without the RAM based limits of traditional hardware samplers.)

    The polyphony usage is dependent on your libraries\' demands. As dated as it is, Advanced Orchestra is a good starter library, for the price and for the lightweight polyphony demands it places on Gigastudio. The newer libraries will chew up the polyphony heavily, sometimes on a per note basis, but the sound and control options are vastly improved.

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    Senior Member Gary M. Thomas's Avatar
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    Re: Which sequencer for Giga

    I use Cakewalk Pro Audio 9.... (no, I haven\'t updated to Sonar yet.) The Cakewalk PA9 works very well with my GigaStudio 160, at least I haven\'t had many problems with it. As far as which version of Giga to purchase... GigaStudio 96 is great, but if you can afford it, go ahead and get GigaStudio 160. You will be very pleased with either of these versions. I would not suggest buying the Giga LE version. I started out using the LE version of Giga.... and found it to be VERY limited. Best of luck with your decision...........Gary [img]images/icons/smile.gif[/img]

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    Re: Which sequencer for Giga

    Cheers Gary and everyone else that answered my question. I have gone with Sonar. I got a real good deal as a trade up from my version of Acid Pro. I think it was about £129.
    About to order GigaStudion 96 and get on with some songwriting!
    Thanks Again

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    Re: Which sequencer for Giga

    Just a quick tip, as you\'re a beginner and you won\'t have a lot of samples at first. Go on the web and download every soundfont you can get your hands on, then open them in the Giga Editor and convert them to Giga format. Voila! Instant library! And free!

    Also, check out the giga samples on this site, and at G-Town:

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    Re: Which sequencer for Giga

    Originally posted by andyf:
    Cheers Gary and everyone else that answered my question. I have gone with Sonar. I got a real good deal as a trade up from my version of Acid Pro. I think it was about £129.
    About to order GigaStudion 96 and get on with some songwriting!
    Thanks Again
    <font size=\"2\" face=\"Verdana, Arial\">Depending on what kind of \"complex\" music you do, but crossgrading Acid Pro->Sonar was not necessary. I own Acid pro 4 - I found it great, usefull, great sound, nice features - and does bring what I need. Even if i also bought Magix Studio 2003 (49.99 euro, quite a bargain) that does content a \"logic like\" version which offers almost ALL MIDI features you need to compose. Also consider that the audio studio is built on Samplitude, which is THE best audio editor available until now!

    I wish you the best music!


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    Re: Which sequencer for Giga

    I have several software sequencers and like Sonar the best with Giga.

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