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Topic: Keyswitch question /help

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    Keyswitch question /help

    I\'m trying to combine some trombone samples (already gigs) into one keyswitched instrument. The problem I\'m having is that each .gig (i.e. stacatto, port, ff, mf, etc.) is mapped a bit different - some notes cover 2 - 1/2 steps, some a half step, but it\'s different for each gig. When I use the instrument wizard, it asks to set a region every 1 half step (meaning it seems like it has to be the same on every gig I\'m trying to combine). So, it deletes regions and doesn\'t work. Does anyone know if this is possible to combine several .gigs to one .gig that keyswitches between them even if the combined gigs are laid out differently? I\'ve read the tutorials but can\'t seem to get my head around the editor to figure this out. Thanks in advance.

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    Re: Keyswitch question /help

    your best bet is to force the regions into being half note steps. Just collapse the region to be one region and copy it to the now \"empty\" regions.

    Do this to all the variations and you\'ll be able to combine the instruments to keyswitchable variations.

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    Re: Keyswitch question /help

    Or take the painstaking route I do, and map each sample individually.

    NOTE: This is assuming that the orignal wave file is c1 and that you only have a few wav files for the instrument. Because if you have the instruments full range in wav files, then use all of them in seperate regions! Though mapping for example C1.wav to C#1 region on the keyboard view and adjusting the cents to +100 will still sound good and will save space if you are worried about ram.

    (1) If the sample (e.g c1.wav) was originally mapped to 2 regions then take c1 and map the c1.wav to both c1 and c#1, do not drag c1\'s region into c#1, use the sample c1 twice and map it to 2 different regions.
    (2) drag and select the 2 regions.
    (3) Now go into the mix/layer tab uncheck pitch track and then press \"apply Mix/layer\".
    (4) highlight c#1, click on the sampler tab and in the \"Tuning adjust (cents)\" box enter in 100 (give or take a few for some realistic imperfection) (do not use the up and down arrows to adjust the value they only go to +/- 50 max).
    (5) Repeat with this process with each wav sample. Also, try not to adjust the cents past +/- 500 (that is the same as 5 half steps), or it will start sounding unnatural.
    (6) Have fun [img]images/icons/grin.gif[/img]

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    Re: Keyswitch question /help

    Ok well I am retarded, to elaborate on what king said (since it is more of what you\'re asking about). Do like he said and collapse all the regions down to half steps, BUT remember how they were all mapped (e.g c1 only covered 2 half steps, but d1 covered 3). Now once they are all collapsed select them all and copy them. Go to the next available key (in this example c#1 should be the next one) and paste them in there.

    In this example I gave you 2 keys: c1 and d1.

    Since you pasted the c1 and d1 into the next available spaces, they will need to be adjusted. Choose c#1 and adjust the cents to +100 in the sampler tab. Then choose d#1, adjust the cents to +100 and copy the region. Finally paste d#1 region into the e1 key, choose e1 and adjust the cents to +200. I am sure you get the picture by now. Just remember

    +1200 cents, up one octave
    -1200 cents, down one octave

    I hope this helps.

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    Re: Keyswitch question /help

    donimon, King and Adam
    OK, I\'m missing something (again, I am fairly new to Giga editing but today I was combining a bunch gigs like dominon is asking about and I simply opened the first Gig in the editor, then Merged the other gig files so I end up with one gig containing all the required instruments. I then make sure that the overall range of each instrument is the same ie Flute Leg is C4-C7 but Flute stacc is only C4-A6 So I would extend the Flute Stacc to be C4-C7
    I then select the different instruments (control click) I want to keyswitch (you can only select 2 or 4 instruments to combine?), select Combine Instrument, select Keyboard etc and Click OK. Finally, right click on your newly created instrument, select properties and set the actaul Keyswitch range (ie c1-c#1 for our flutes) and that\'s it, a Keyswitched Gig file.
    I\'ll need to check tomorrow but they all seemed to work OK.
    King I know you are the \"Man\" for editing so if I\'m spreading misinformation, tell me to RTFM, actaully that\'s probably not a bad idea [img]images/icons/smile.gif[/img]


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    Re: Keyswitch question /help

    You did it correctly [img]images/icons/smile.gif[/img]

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    Re: Keyswitch question /help

    I assume this is aimed at me? If so, what is all this talk of collapsing things to single semitone intervals and reprogramming all the instruments to be the same? This doesn\'t seem to be necessary to create a keyswitch instrument or am I wrong?

    Originally posted by Adam Frechette:
    You did it correctly [img]images/icons/smile.gif[/img]
    <font size=\"2\" face=\"Verdana, Arial\">

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