If, like me, you appreciate Giga Libraries but are a dedicated EXS24 user, you may find this info about tweaking Giga files in EXS24 to get proper Xfades useful:

First of all, if you\'re going to crossfade with the modulation wheel, you need to disable any other modulation paths that use the modulation wheel as the source, such as the \'modulate pitch with LFO1 via the modulation wheel\' path. To do this, simply click Dest on the appropriate modulation path and choose \'-\' from the pop-up menu. Of course, if you\'re going to crossfade via a different continuous controller, this isn\'t actually a problem.

Next, locate the \'modulate Sample Select with Velocity\' path, click Src and choose Ctrl #1 (the modulation wheel) from the pop-up menu. Now, when you hold down a note or chord and move the modulation wheel, the point at which the samples switch should be exceedingly audible since there\'s no crossfading involved just yet. To set up the crossfading, you need to adjust the Xfade parameter, located in the top left group of the EXS24 MkII\'s main interface, from zero to a value appropriate for the instrument.

Bear in mind that when you play an instrument set up for crossfading, all velocity layers play back simultaneously, regardless of which layer is actually sounding. So if you\'ve got an instrument with four velocity layers set up for crossfading, each note you play will use four voices — play four notes and you\'ve used 16 voices. Emagic have provided a handy used voices display next to the new Voices selector, so you can keep an eye on how many voices you\'re using.

It\'s now also possible to program the full range of conditional triggers in EXS24 instruments, including keyswitching and release triggers. However, as with crossfading, even though the EXS24 supports conditional triggering, these settings aren\'t imported from Giga instruments just yet, so a small amount of manual tweaking is still required.

You make it possible to select different layers in an instrument by using the Select By parameter in a group, which goes beyond standard keyswitching by offering the potential to switch layers using controllers in addition to notes. And release samples can be accommodated by setting the relevant group to Trigger On Key Release instead of Key Down.

Unfortunately Emagic still only supply an update .pdf manual in German, so we\'ll have to figure it out for ourselves for now. It\'s a powerful soft sampler- IMHO the best- and you can\'t beat the integration of EXS24 & Logic :-)