hi guys

i want to use two computers but i am having trouble doing so

this is the chain i am trying to build:

midi keypoard ->pc1 ->pc2 ->sound module

what i want to do: create a template in cubase in the second computer that allows me to route the incoming midi messages the way i want

if i use kontakt as a standalone player, this works ok. in kontakt you can select the input channel and, instead of omni, i use the channel that sends the data from pc1

however, i'd like to use reason and the sound module i showed in the chain.

is there a way to route midi in cubase sx2, the way it can be done in kontakt??
what now happens is that whatever channel is selected in pc2, all midi inputs go this way. so there is no way i can achieve polyphony... ok there is a way. it is selecting as if i was going to record in all channels, but this is impractical because all the channels sound at the same time!!!

sorry if this is the wrong forum... i tried to search but nothing came up.

thanx in advance